GlamGlow Review: Supermud or Superdud?

I love a good face mask, but I also admittedly suck at skin care. If I remember to really wash my face in the morning and before bed it is a super successful day. Most days I’ll just accept using a makeup removing wipe. That’s assuming that I put makeup on, which is not a regular occurrence.  Regardless of my lack of regular makeup and skin care routines, I love beauty products. I love trying new makeup and skin care products, but after about a week of consistency I just can’t be bothered with a routine that cuts into my valuable time that could be used to take pictures of my pets. This is what spurs my love of face masks. They’re not meant to be used every day, which is great when you’re lazy. If I do a mask once a month, I think I’m doing it right.

Since I do love masks I have an issue with choosing which one to buy. I don’t think I have ever walked out of Sephora without buying at least one mask. Since I usually buy multiple at a time, I never venture over to the more expensive options. But today, I finally decided to give GlamGlow a try since it has a cult following and hella hype.


Let’s just go ahead and talk about the fact that their #1 selling SuperMud Clearing Treatment is $69 for 1.7 oz. I, very carefully, picked up the tiny, overpriced jar and stared at it, shifted my gaze back to the “$69” sticker below it, and back to the jar. I was prepared to abort mission and just buy like 8 cheaper masks and food with that $69.

As I was standing there staring off to the imaginary camera in the distance like Jim from The Office, a sparkly gift box caught my eye. It was the GlamGlow gift box, again for $69, but this box included a full-sized jar of the Supermud Clearing Treatment, and three 0.5 oz tubes of other GlamGlow masks (Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment, Gravitymud Firming Treatment, and Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment).  I decided that $69 sounded better when I was technically ending up with some free products (I realize that isn’t quite true but it made me buy it, so whatever).


The first thing I noticed is obviously the packaging. I really liked the box that the products came in and it caught my eye on the self. Once opened, the four products are placed in a hot pink, velvety (my fave material of all time) tray-esque plastic thing (just look at the picture because I don’t know what to call it). The presentation was pretty simple, but nicely done.


Today’s review is just on the Supermud Treatment, but the other three will be coming! The Supermud container is white with silver writing with a big silver star on the lid. The consistency was way different than I expected. It is super watery which makes it easy to get a thin layer on your face that dries pretty quickly.


My skin is usually pretty clear, but will randomly decide to breakout due to hormone changes and stress. Thanks to finals and a whole host of issues lately, right now is one of those times for my skin. Sucks for me, but good for y’all because now I can see if this treatment actually works. My skin can also be sensitive to some ingredients. The peppermint oil in this formula made me a little nervous, but of course I didn’t read the ingredients until after I spent $69 on it so there was no way a little peppermint was going to stop me.

Regrets. As soon as I put the mask on it felt like my face was on fire(Disclaimer: I had Dermaplaning done 24 hours prior which could have made the burning worse). I literally ran into the living and told my Nana (great woman), that my face was going to fall off but I still wanted to wait it out to see if it was worth the hype. So, I did. About 5 minutes into it, I either got used to the burning sensation or it actually diminished to a comfortable tingle. You’re supposed to leave it on for up to 20 minutes, but of course I made a snack and got comfortable on the couch so I kept it on a little longer.


My favorite part of this mask was for sure the “Pore-matrix” technology. I could actually see my pores that were getting cleaned out. This was a pleasant reminder of how quickly your skin gets dirty (this skin is brand spanking new, thanks to Dermaplaning), and that I’m a foul human. There are also spots that appear to be wet that are actually spots where oil is being pulled from your skin. Yum!


After I took the mask off, it looked like I got sunburnt while wearing sunglasses. Naturally I was concerned that I was having a terrible reaction that would be documented in all family Christmas pictures. I’m pretty sure it was just a combination of the peppermint oil and the paper towel I used to remove the mask. After about an hour my skin was almost back to its normal color.

Up close and personal. The redness left me looking like a raccoon.

My skin does feel really soft (also contributed to dermaplaning). I also think it looks brighter and more even. A few of my spots where I was breaking out seem less red as well.


I did like this mask, but I don’t think I would continually spend $69 on it.  I do really like the fact that it can be used as a spot treatment instead of a full mask which will cut down on cost by making it last longer. This is one of those things that I really want one of my friends to buy and then I’ll suggest spa nights at her house.

8/10: Price and burning were the two main negatives. I do, however, feel as though my skin feels a lot cleaner than it does after using the majority of the masks I have used before. I really liked the “instant gratification” of seeing the my pores and “problem” areas. My skin still feels very soft and clean 2 days later. For everyone who got Sephora gift cards over the holidays, this would be a great buy!

Have y’all tried this or any other GlamGlow masks/treatments? Let me know what you think!

Kya Cheese


9 thoughts on “GlamGlow Review: Supermud or Superdud?

  1. Ive been wondering about these masks because i have seen them every where but not sure that they are worth the price. There are so many products out there is it really worth it .


    1. Hey Ashton! I did really like this mask for my skin, especially right after. I have two small pimples that have developed since and not sure if the mask is to blame or not. I used it as a spot treatment over night last night and both spots cleared up almost completely. I like he versatility of the mask and since it’s such a thin formula, it should last a looong time. Hope that helps!

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  2. I always tell myself to that I would love to try a Glamglow masks, but omg the price tag always makes me change my mind hahah 😀 But I always read so many reviews sayng they’re totally worth it. They the one in orange jar that I’m really curious to try out 🙂


    1. The price tag is definitely a shock! The smaller 0.5 ounce jar is only $24 but the bigger jar is a much better value. The small one costs $48/oz while the bigger one is a little over $40/oz. You could ask for a sample from Sephora to see if it is something you would like before biting the bullet!


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