Pure Jean-ius

Hey y’all!

I’m just here to spread the good word about two pairs of jeans I’m currently obsessed with.

First up we have these Great Heights Frayed Skinnies from Free People. When I tell you these are comfortable, I mean it. I took a 3 hour nap in these jeans and didn’t regret it.

The rips and hemline make them ~trendy~ but more importantly they feel like yoga pants.


Because they have so much stretch, they run a little big. I sized down from my usual 28 to a 27 and usually need to wear a belt still. But I have room to eat so no complaints.

Funny story about these jeans. I bought them at the Free People store and I tried on both the 27 and 28. I knew I needed the 27 but, of course, I accidentally handed them back to the woman when I was leaving the dressing room. Unbeknownst to me, I bought the 28 (even though I swear I checked a million times). Flash forward to our trip to Cleveland  and I’m constantly pulling my pants up. By the end of the Cavs game I finally made Logan check my tag because I thought I was losing my mind. Sure enough, I bought the wrong size and couldn’t return them because I took the tags off and wore them for 4 hours. So I’m going to sell this pair (hit me up if you want them before I post them elsewhere) and bought the correct size when we got home. I also bought them in “Night Shade” because, again, they’re amazing.

ACS_0015 2ACS_0014 2









Logan and I were in Indianapolis this Monday for an athletics job fair thing and a Pacers game. I wore both pairs of jeans while I was there for like 8 hours. I wore the dark ones (formally called “Dark as Night”) with an off the shoulder sweater and suede Stuart Weitzman booties in case we went somewhere nice to eat (we didn’t) and changed into the blue (“Night Shade”) pair with my vintage Pacers sweatshirt for the actual game. You can dress ’em up or down, folks. I give these a 9/10 with my only complaint being that they’re a little big in the waist and stretch out over time like most jeans with high levels of spandex (AKA the best kind of jeans).

ACS_0019 2ACS_0031









My other new favorite pair are the Dre “Capri” (they hit my ankle and I’m 5’3″) from Rag & Bone. I own a few pairs of Rag & Bone jeans and I check for new arrivals every single time I go to Nordstrom Rack. If I have learned anything in my short life, it’s to invest in good denim. I have never paid full price for Rag & Bone (I can’t justify spending almost $300 on a pair of jeans) but when I find them for less than $100 at Nordstrom Rack, I hop on it.


These are a great distressed light wash jean with another fun hemline. Oddly enough, they’re the exact opposite of what I usually wear. I either wear skinny jeans or flare (one extreme or the other like every other aspect of my life), I like my jeans high waisted enough that they could double as a bra and I want them to be majority spandex. These jeans are more of a boyfriend/girlfriend fit, don’t even go over my belly button and are 98% cotton. All of these factors aside, I love these jeans. They’re technically capris but hit me perfectly as regular jeans (I’m 5’3″ for reference). They’re on Nordstrom Rack’s website for $129.97 , which is expensive, but they were originally $275. I got them for $58 in store, so make sure to check your local Nordstrom Rack first if you have one. I also give this pair a 9/10. If I could change one thing about them, I would make the waist higher, other than that these are flawless. Obviously the lower waist doesn’t bother me too much or else I wouldn’t wear them. But in a perfect world, ya know?











I think the majority of the population can agree that shopping for jeans sucks 99% of the time and you would prefer to be wearing leggings 100% of the time. For those unfortunate times you’re required to wear “real clothes”, I highly recommend both pairs of these jeans to make things suck a little less.

Kya Cheese

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