Threading and Dermaplaning: How I Keep From Looking Like a Werewolf.

Hey Y’all!

One of the big things (literally) I get questions/comments about are my eyebrows. Now that big brows are in (why wasn’t this a thing in middle school?) people are wondering how to achieve the shape and style.

First off, I am a hairy person who has no other option than to have thick brows. Trends change, and you aren’t going to be able to achieve all of them. You know when everyone had tiny eyebrows? Well, this girl definitely did not and it felt like the end of the world at that time. Like, so bad that I shaved my eyebrows pretty much completely off in 2nd grade and proceeded to fill them in with mascara to hide it from my mom. That obviously didn’t work.  It was absolutely horrible and I am #blessed that they grew back normally. With that said, you should never feel like you need to conform to any trend ever and rock whatever you want to rock because that’s cooler than conforming anyway and I wish I had realized that when I got made fun of for having caterpillars on my face as a child. Ok, end nonconformist rant and get to the good stuff.

Proof I’ve always had all this hair
Came straight from the womb like this










Personally, I noticed the biggest difference in my brows when I switched from waxing to threading. Regular wax destroys my skin and sensitive wax is too weak to pull out my hair. Now I won’t let wax come near my face at all. Threading removes rows of hair at the follicle level by using a piece of thread (makes sense). It’s similar to tweezing but takes out entire lines of hair instead of single ones. This always leaves me with really clean lines, one of the main reasons I love it. It hurts at first (you’re ripping out hair so…) but it doesn’t bother me at all anymore. I get mine done every four weeks, but could get them done every three. That all depends on how fast your hair grows.

Pictures on the left are straight out of the shower and 4 weeks since my last threading. The right are immediately after my fresh line up.

Below is a video of myself getting threaded for your viewing pleasure.

Song is Quinn XCII – FFYL (Tarro Remix)

If I’m wearing make up I fill in my brows just enough to make sure they’re even (mine are more like first cousins instead of identical twins sometimes) and that any places that may be thinner get filled in. I use a tiny brush and a the color “Busted” from my Naked 2 palette, nothing fancy at all. Everyone always says I “should” use brow gel to keep them in place but I for sure don’t. I’m all about quick and easy.

Before I retired from pageants (RIP), I would get my entire face threaded to make sure my makeup would be perfect and lie better on my face. This was v painful, v expensive, and v not worth it. In everyday life, when I’m not wearing makeup regularly or walking on stage in a swimsuit, I didn’t care enough to get my whole face threaded consistently. If you’ve ever gotten your upper lip threaded, you know it falls under the category of cruel and unusual punishment and I would rather have a mustache, tbh.

Recently, I have started getting dermaplaned every 4 weeks when I get my eyebrows threaded and it has been the ultimate game changer. Essentially, your top layer of skin and all the peach fuzz on your face is shaved off using a medical grade scalpel. Casual, right?

It’s the best because not only am I hair free, I also have the softest face in the entire World because the skin is brand spankin’ new. The first time I got it done, my skin was so soft my makeup kept sliding off my face the following day because there was no hair to get stuck in. Also, you’re hair will not grow back thicker or darker, I promise. I always do a a detoxifying or purifying face mask the day I get it done (usually GlamGlow SuperMud) and don’t wear any make up for 24 hours. There may be slight breakouts after as everything that’s been lying deep in the depths of your pores is coming to the surface.

Below is a sped up video of me getting dermaplaned, for educational purposes. The little cotton square on the left of the screen is everything coming off of my face, v satisfying.

Song is Marvin Gaye – I Heard It Through The Grapevine (Knuckle G Remix)

My Dermaplaning costs me $40, but I’ve heard it can be way more expensive in other cities. I used to do an at home dermaplane with cheap razors specifically for your face. While they’ll get rid of the peach fuzz, they do not have the same exfoliating properties as the professional method with the scalpel. These are a great option for cheap hair removal though.

Both services are preformed by Tricia at Clique Boutique in Louisville, KY. They’ve been taming my brows since high school and I highly recommend them if you’re local.

I hope this answered some questions for people and gave you more information about hair removal beyond waxing. As always, thanks for reading and let me know if you have experience with threading or dermaplaning.

Kya Cheese


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