My Friend Anxiety

Viki Roman is a Puerto Rican, Atlanta-born, Louisville-based artist who creates with multiple medias. Equally as important as the aforementioned, she’s an amazing friend. I’m so happy that she is a part of this series and gracing my blog with a sampling of her digital art. 
These three images are part of a series called “My Friend Anxiety”.   I’ve struggled with anxiety for as long as I can remember and over time, not understanding my mind and path in life often caused periods of depression.  I still suffer from both, but having an outlet like this allows me to convey how it feels to those who don’t understand. And it’s not their fault: they can’t understand.  But when words aren’t enough, a visual cue can help.  These images give people a glimpse into what it may feel like for some, specifically for me. Sometimes it feels like a friend.  Other times it feels like a stranger exists in your reflection. And every now and then it feels as though it has consumed you, and you are what you suffer from.

When I draw these cartoons it can feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and my anxiety is finally in visual form and I am able to recognize it.  I love this little guy.  Sometimes I take a step back from what I’ve drawn and underneath the lightness of that  “anxiety character” I get hit with the realization that I might be feeling worse than I thought. I look at what I’ve drawn and I think “Oh, so that’s how I feel. Woops”.

My Friend Anxiety isn’t actually my friend. Fuck that guy. But he’s also not me; just something I, and a lot of other people, deal with. It’s serious… but an outlet is necessary with something that can consume all your thoughts. Joke about it, or disguise it as something cute. Either way, confront it in a way that works for you. This is how I do it.

Enjoying a Nice Film with My Friend Anxiety

Checking Out Myself Awareness

A Self Portrait

Viki Roman

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