Favorite SheIn and Zaful Swimsuits

I love swimsuits and have way too many. If I go on a 7 day trip, I usually pack about 10 swimsuits. So when websites like SheIn and Zaful started becoming popular I was very intrigued. I, like many other people, was expecting SheIn and Zaful swimsuits to be disappointing. It just doesn’t seem possible that swimsuit can be cheap and good, right?

I bought my first Zaful swimsuits for my first trip to Cabo in March 2018. I am happy to report that they’re still kicking it today. Since I had success the first time, I decided to order some more for this Spring/Summer. It can be hard to tell how the suits will fit from their website, so I decided to compile a list of my favorite suits from this year to hopefully help you gauge their fit. If any of them are sold out, they restock often and you can sign up to receive email alerts when certain styles come back into stock.

Some info about me for fitting purposes:

  • I’m wearing a large in all swimsuits except for one.
  • I’m 5’3″ (160 cm)
  • I’m usually a 28 (6) or 29 (8) in jeans (honestly though, sizes are all over the place and this isn’t super helpful)
  • I carry about 90% of my weight in my butt and thighs so pretty much every bottom is “cheeky” on me.
  • I’m pretty sure I’m like a 36 C but I like never wear a real bra so that might be off.
  • I have no torso at all, but also don’t have long legs.
  • Not related to fit, but just ignore the mess that is constantly surrounding me.


Black Ruffle Top

First up is this cute ruffle top. I didn’t like the bottoms that came with this set, but I paired it with my favorite black bottoms of all time from Ujena and loved it. the combination of the V-cut bottoms and the tie on the top worked as an illusion to give my torso some extra length.



My only complaint about this top is that it was a little hard to tie tight enough. I had to do a sort of double knot in the middle on the front. It all worked out though.

Tropical Set

Next is this blue tropical print set. I wear black a lot and a lot of times just buy tops to match my favorite black bottoms, so I was surprised to really like this set that kind of has to be worn together.



The top is a good combination of comfortable and structured. It doesn’t have underwire or anything, but the band on the bottom makes it feel really secure without constraining you. The bottoms are a little bit of an awkward in between height on me. They aren’t high waisted but they also aren’t low. I still like them, just don’t know how to categorize them.

Floral Bandeau

The last of my favorite suits from this haul is another one that I didn’t love the bottoms, but like the unique top a lot. I’ll warn you that the top isn’t the most functional, but if you’re just lying around its super cute. Its a dark floral print and comes with removable straps that I lost immediately because of who I am as a person.


The top is like an off the shoulder bandeau kind of. The ties on the arms are adjustable and you can tie them as tight or as loose as you want them. I like to have them loose so I can move around as much as possible and have a more relaxed look. I’ll pair with my favorite black bottoms, but I also included the high waisted ones that I didn’t like.

The Ones That Didn’t Work…

Here are the links to the two suits that didn’t work for me. I’m not sure if it’s because of the velvet material, but they ran super small. I ordered a large in both and could barely get them on. They look cute online though!

High Waisted Green Velvet Suit


V Neck Wine Velvet Suit



Red Cheetah Suit

I really like this strapless top because it has a corset back, making it adjustable. Since all suits are sold as sets, I buy a large and that is sometimes too big for the top. This corset back was perfect for that very reason.


These bottoms are that kind of in between again. They aren’t really high waisted but they aren’t low either. These are definitely cheeky bottoms but not crazy revealing. Again, my butt make everything cheeky so…

Yellow Floral Suit

This is one of my favorite suits rom this haul. I really like the cold shoulder detail (it can get a little annoying when you’re actually in the water). This is another really cute floral print and just all around v cute.



It ties in the back, so its fully adjustable. The only thing I don’t love is that it can be a little unrealistic when actually swimming. The top shifts around some since it ties instead of a more stationary clasp.

High Rise Cheetah Print Ruffle Top

Ok, this is the suit that made me place this entire order. I saw it and needed it. I always order a large because they seem to run small. This one only came in a medium so I took a gamble and bought it assuming it wouldn’t go on my body. To my surprise, it fit. The bottoms are CHEEEEEKY. Like essentially a thong on me. But you know, there’s a time and place.


I love that this top has sleeves. First off, that’s cute and different. Second, my shoulders burn so its perfect for covering up a little bit without sacrificing looking like a summery snack.

Striped Bandeau 

I really like this suit because its striped, but there’s also a little bit of cheetah print in the stripes.


This is really similar to other suits I have from Zaful and I like this style a lot. Its similar to the red cheetah suit, but the top doesn’t have the corset back. Even without the corset making it adjustable, the top still fits well and stays up.


Black And White Spotted Suit

This is essentially the exact same swimsuit as the the striped one, but black and white print. The fit is the same but this is another one that I like to wear the top with my favorite black bottoms instead of the bottoms it came with.


The one that didn’t work…

The only suit from this order the didn’t fit was a pink/mauve gingham top with scalloped bottoms. The bottoms were just super unflattering on me and hit at a bad spot. The top seems like it might just get in the way since its pretty flowy and off the shoulder. Could be cute though if you don’t plan on doing much in the water.


A few final tips for ordering from SheIn or Zaful

  • I always order a large, most people also order a size up.
  • Order suits that have reviews so you can have an idea of how they fit real people.
  • I always order with express shipping and they’ve gotten to me in a timely manner ( a week or so I think). I know shipping time is a concern for people thinking about ordering.
  • The quality of the suits is unexpectedly good. I was afraid they would fall apart as soon as I got in the water, but some of mine have lasted over a year so far with little to no signs of wear.

Hopefully this helps you if you’re on the fence about ordering from either of these websites. Go get you your cheap swimsuits, take your bikini body to the closest body of water and enjoy Summer!


Kya Cheese




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